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Bernef Resources Limited is a corporate organization registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria on the 4th day of March, 2002.

The primary purpose of incorporating Bernef Resources Limited as a profit making organization is to meet customer procurement and engineering needs in the Nigerian oil, gas and other industrial markets, and to develop manpower to serve these industries.

Since inception, Bernef Resources Limited has grown from two Man Instrumentation and Controls Company into an organization with established system for meeting internal requirements for growth and external needs of our various customers.

At current level of twelve key personnel, the company in partnership with many multinational companies is creating products and services that are almost indispensible in our local industries.

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  • What is an automatic flow rate controller?
    • The Kates automatic flow rate controller (FRC) is a purely mechanical device - it will regulate the flow of a liquid regardless of upstream or downstream pressure fluctuations in your system; and regulate flow of a gas regardless of downstream pressure fluctuations.

  • How does it work?
    • By combining an adjustable orifice with a differential pressure regulating valve, the Kates FRC will always have a constant pressure drop across the metered orifice.

      By adjusting the dial, we are controlling the area of the metering orifice. And the IDRV is controlling the differential pressure across the metered orifice, thereby controlling flow.

  • What will my pressure drop be at 10 gpm?
    • The Kates FRC will automatically compensate for pressure changes. At 10 gpm the pressure drop could be virtually anything.

      If your customer is designing a system and needs to know the pressure drop for every item in the pipeline to size their pumps, I would recommend that you allow for a minimum of 20 psi across the Kates. This gives us a safety factor in the event that pressure falls off if the pressure is higher, that is fine too.

  • How can this valve compensate for changes in downstream pressure?
    • The internal differential pressure regulating valve (the IDRV) is a simple force-balance design. When the pressure across the metered orifice is too high, the IDRV will be forced downward and close off. When it's too low, the IDRV will move up and open the valve ports.

  • What is the Cv of a 3/4 controller?
    • The Kates FRC does not have a Cv (pronounced ``C-sub-V``). Cv is a value in a formula for sizing control valves. The Kates valve will have an infinitely variable Cv because it compensates automatically for pressure changes.

  • What is the difference between a pressure regulator and a flow regulator?
    • A pressure regulator valve (PRV) controls pressure regardless of variations in flow. The Kates FRC is the exact opposite of a PRV. It will control the flow rate regardless of pressure variations.

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“Culture is the cumulative personality of our organization based upon our beliefs, view of what we do, the traditions and values we hold and certainly the attitudes and work ethic of all who work in our company.”





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