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Bernef Resources Limited and Partners

Oil and Gas

Delta remains committed to serving the oil and gas industry through our products, services, and company processes. Our products are heavily utilized in a variety of oil and gas industry sectors including upstream, downstream, and midstream operations. For offshore upstream applications, Delta’s custom offerings of corrosive resistant materials such as Monel, Alloy 20, Titanium, Hastelloy and others are desirable over instrumentation offerings of competitors. For midstream and downstream applications, Delta’s wide range of robust products provide reliable operation for decades. With third party approvals encompassing a variety of international requirements, Delta’s products are extensively utilized in over 50 countries primarily for the oil and gas industry.

In addition to providing instrumentation to the oil and gas industry, Delta participates in numerous industry organizations for the purpose of continuing education to better serve our customers. Our personnel are members of API best practices committees, presenters of technical papers at international conferences, invitees of industry respected technical symposiums, and much more. With our company commitment to quality and serving the oil and gas industry, Delta continuously endeavors to exceed the expectations of the industries we serve.

Chemical & Petrochemical

The production of chemicals and petrochemicals require instruments engineered to withstand the demanding process parameters of high temperatures, pressures, and unique chemical characteristics. Through our highly customized instrument offerings, Delta’s products are continuously able to meet the needs of the chemical and petrochemical industry. Delta’s products have been utilized internationally in sensing petrochemicals such as ethylene, propylene, butadiene, benzene, xylene, and toluene. Delta’s products are also utilized in processes measuring chemicals such as ethanols, peroxides, amines, glycols, aromatics, polyols, and many more. For the unique needs of the chemical and petrochemical industry, Delta continuously seeks to provide quality and innovative solutions.


Delta has served the nuclear industry for over 40 years through our extensive range of level and flow products. The detection of level and flow in various nuclear processes is critical to the overall operation of nuclear power generation, and the industry continues to trust Delta’s products as reliable and suitable instrumentation. With custom offerings for unique level and flow applications, Delta is able to serve essential requirements of quality, safety, and reliability for the nuclear industry.

Power Generation

Delta has designed, engineered, and manufactured instrumentation for the power industry for more than four decades. Our extensive mechanical level and flow offerings provide unique and custom solutions for the many processes involved in power plants. With high temperature and pressure steam applications, Delta’s robust caged mechanical switches offer reliable and safe operation. With third party approvals encompassing a variety of hazardous area requirements in power plants, Delta’s products continue to serve the evolving requirements of the power industry.

Water and Wastewater Treatment

Delta continues to serve the water and wastewater treatment industry by providing unique and innovative products catering to the specific demands of the industry. The 500-series hydrostatic pressure transmitters are designed, engineered, and manufactured with heavy consideration to the needs of the water and wastewater treatment industry. Municipalities, private treatment plants, and many others have discovered the operational benefits of Delta’s designs and features included in our engineered products. Delta’s extensive offerings of capacitance probes also offer a unique and engineered solution to the many challenging level applications within treatment processes. Delta remains committed to serving the water and wastewater industry by supplying custom instrumentation distinguished from the product offerings of competitors.

Municipal Utilities

Municipal utilities require reliable and quality instrumentation to ensure the utility needs of communities are met, and Delta continuously endeavors to fulfill these needs as a preferred supplier. With expansive configurations available on all Delta products, municipal utilities are extended a multitude of options when seeking reliable and quality process controls.


The mining industry continues to rely on Delta products for accurate detection within the many processes involved throughout the industry. With product options including approvals for explosion proof protection from dust, intrinsically safe electric barriers, Delta continuously seeks to manufacture instrumentation capable of safely operating with mining environments. Whether process detection is required for an empty chute, screen overload alarm, plug alarm, rail car filling, or thin slurry, Delta products continue to provide innovative instrumentation solutions for the demands of the mining industry.

Food and Beverage

Delta supplies a variety of instrumentation to the food and beverage industry, including international beverage companies, frozen food manufacturing facilities, dairy plants, food packaging machine manufacturers, and much more. Our diverse product offerings offer reliable measurement and detection far beyond heavy industry, extending solutions to food and beverage processes with extensive sanitary requirements. With available process connections of ladish tri-clamps, sanitary flanges, and other custom offerings, Delta seeks to manufacture reliable instrumentation suitable for use in the food and beverage industry.

Pulp and Paper

Delta continues to serve the pulp and paper industry with four decades of experience in supplying innovative equipment to the industry. Whether the application involves wood chips, oils, greases, bleaches, wastewater treatment, or steam for power generation, Delta offers products manufactured to the exact configuration required for an application. Delta’s diverse customer base include international manufacturers of paper, packaging, building materials, forest products, and many more companies of diverse pulp and paper sectors. Delta seeks to provide innovative solutions to the unique needs of the pulp and paper industry.